Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A thing, which after sometime becomes an obsession worth dying for, worth killing for and worth going to hell for. I am talking about drugs ladies and gentlemen, yes… drugs, a curse that can camouflage itself as a pleasure. Few hours back, I thought that I’ll write this thing about the facts related to drugs but does it really matter? I don’t think so. Have you ever felt like throwing up a gift called life that you’ve received from Mother Nature in her face, no… quite sad, try drugs pal. Every single wannabe who tries drugs thinking that he is the next rock star in the making, great going dude, but I think grave won’t be that cozy to hold a concert in. Losers find their own set of reasons to do drugs and the most common is deception by a girlfriend. “She left me (sob sob); I want to die but can’t afford the death”. What next? He’ll buy death in easy installments and capitulate to drugs. I have seen a high resolution view of bad times in my life and believe me, I’ve never, ever for a single moment felt like surrendering to that goddamn blood sucking bitch called drugs. No, I’d never want anyone to be like me, but I surely don’t want you guys to be like that person, whom I saw few days back on the street while I was returning from my job at 12 midnight. A guy, almost my age, I found him on the road that I usually pass by. He was lying on his chest and when I tried to help and lifted him up, he had tears in his red swollen eyes and also a syringe by his side that was staring at me like an attention seeking whore. I was no God, hence I left that breathing corpse the way I found him. But one thing that I’ll have to admit is that his eyes haunted me for over a week. For some, life is a nightmare and hallucination works better than reality. But at the end of the day, a life is a boulevard of our own decisions and every bad phase will bow down before a man and his will to survive. Intoxication can give you certain contentment, but you will definitely see a day in your life when you will hate yourself so badly that you won’t be able to see your own reflection in front of a mirror. Breaking the mirror won’t help either as it will create hundred more like you. My amigo Fuzel once told me that according to Quran, Satan will be the temporary God on this earth and I believe that we are living in his provisional reign. Has God failed? Are we reliant on a force that no longer exists? Satan might be having his own fan following but I still kneel down before the God almighty, with pride, coz I possess one thing, which is on the verge of annihilation, and that is faith.

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  1. pity me that i read this blog of yours so late. Nonetheless, i liked it thoroughly and wonder why you do not write often...

    very well thought out lines..all the best!